SHS Return to School Guidance

SHS Return to School Guidance
Posted on 03/23/2021

SHS Return to School Guidance

Return to School Commitment Survey

A survey will go out to all secondary families within the week to have you confirm for each middle or high school student whether they will return to full in-person learning or stay remote, and will ask about bus ridership.

Cohort C Commitment 

A secondary level commitment survey will be sent out within the week.  If a family feels that in-person is unsafe or has other reasons for keeping the student home, they may request to move or remain in Cohort C for Quarter 4.  All remote students will remain with their Scituate team of teachers. However, please know that moving back to an in-person schedule is not a simple switch, so a request to Cohort C is for at least a month, possibly longer.  While there is no substitute for fully in-person learning with teachers and peers, students in Cohort C will have access to their coursework, materials, and teachers. 


Bus capacity has returned to 49 students per bus.  If you need bus transportation, please submit the request on the secondary return to school commitment survey.

All student parking passes should be returned to the main office by Friday, April 2nd.  Students should continue parking in their assigned space through Friday, April 9th.  Priority parking will be given to those students returning full in person and to seniors.  There is no guarantee that all senior drivers will have a space behind the high school, but we will do our best, and we do guarantee that all seniors will have a space.  We have arranged for parking at St. Luke’s for drivers who have a parking pass.  Students must have a pass to park on campus or at St. Luke’s.  We are working to secure a crossing guard in the morning and afternoons.  Parking passes will be redistributed to all student drivers Wed-Fri April 7-9 at the main office window from lunch to the end of the day.  Students can stop by when they have a free moment (this is not first-come, first-serve, so no one will lose their spot and there’s no need to rush the window on Wednesday 4/7!) 


Bus drop off is at the bus loop and students enter those doors.  Parent drop off is at the loop outside the main office, and students endter those doors.  Senior parking is behind the building and students should enter the cafeteria doors.  Juniors who are parking in the St. Luke’s lot will enter school at the fitness center/central office door down the long hallway into the high school.  

School begins at 8:15 a.m., except on Wednesdays, when the start time is 9:15.  If students are dropped off early, they may enter the building and have to sit in the cafeteria or large gym until 8:05 on regular days and 9:05 on late start days.  Students should not congregate in the halls at any time during the day.  

Attendance Expectations 

Please see updated attendance expectations here.  If your student is absent, please email to notify the school.  If you are writing a parent excuse note or medical note, please also submit through

Contact Tracing/Quarantine

Teachers maintain up-to-date seating charts that will be referenced as part of contract-tracing protocols, and are utilized at 3-foot seating.  If a student is quarantined, he/she is able to access their academics and teachers remotely for the duration of the quarantine.  

Dismissal Procedures. If your student needs to leave school early for a planned appointment, please email the and have your student stop in at the main office window first thing on the morning of the dismissal for their pass to leave class.  If you have a note to excuse the dismissal, please submit through  

Passing Time 

Students should continue to follow the one-way directional hallways during passing time and proceed to their next class without congregating in the hallway.  Students and staff should be masked for the duration of passing time in the halls.  Students should not use the restroom during passing time, as we cannot contact trace that time and space without the use of passes.  Passing time is returning to the regularly-scheduled passing time from the pre-COVID schedule. 


Lunches are set up at individual desks or small tables at 6-feet of social distancing.  There will be three lunches served in the large gym and cafeteria, and students will be assigned according to their scheduled teacher during the lunch block.  Lunch will be served, free of charge, to any student who would like it. There is space available at both locations for students to step outside for a mask break.  

Locker Rooms/PE Classes

There is no changing in the locker rooms for Physical Education classes at this time.  If there is an update, information will be sent home.  

Restroom Breaks

Students are not allowed to use the restrooms during passing time because their visit cannot be contract-traced. Students should obtain a pass from their teacher using the eHall pass system to log the restroom visit, and may go during class or during lunch.

Mask Protocol

Masks are to be worn at all times unless otherwise directed by faculty or staff. In the event that a student removes their mask or does not wear their mask without permission, we will follow our philosophy of restorative justice practices and supporting positive behavior. 



The SHS mask protocol:

  • All students are required to wear masks, with the exception of lunch and designated mask breaks. 

  • Teacher gives verbal redirection in class 

  • Teacher conferences with student in hallway and reviews the expectation and how refusing to comply causes harm to members of the community 

  • If student does not comply teacher sends student to their school counselor

  • School Counselor conferences with student and calls home if necessary

  • Upon next incident, an Administrator conferences with student 

  • Parent called and given option to have their child learn remotely in lieu of suspension

Mask wearing is a non-negotiable to school attendance, and must be maintained as a mitigation strategy.  All students are required to to comply.

Mask Breaks

Students may request a mask break to their teacher at any time during the school day.  Teachers are allowed to bring their classes outside at their discretion for a mask break.  Teachers may also utilize on-campus outdoor locations at their discretion for class time.  Students are allowed to step outside during lunch for a mask break.  

Water Breaks

Students are allowed to continue to have a water break during class in the hallway immediately outside their classroom, and may remove their mask for that break and return directly into the classroom. 


The high school will return to the pre-COVID-19 high school schedule, which will appear in Aspen and is available here.  

Day/Date Rotation 

The day/date rotation for Quarter 4 is available here.  This is a draft- the final days of school will be updated before Quarter 4 begins.


At dismissal time, students should proceed outside for busses in the bus loop or parent pickup outside the main office doors and wait for parents to arrive in the loop to be picked up.  At no time should students cross the bus loop, or walk in between buses or cars to vehicles in line.  Please do not initiate a U-turn, as it causes disruption and safety concerns.  Please consider arriving at school after 2:50 p.m. for student pickup as it will allow for the campus to clear more easily. 

After School Activities 

Students should exit the school building at the conclusion of the school day unless they are specifically staying after with an adult for a school-sponsored co-curricular, athletic, or academic purpose.  Students must exit the building immediately following the conclusion of their activity, and should never be unattended after dismissal.  

Study Hall Release 

Seniors who have a first block or last block study quarter four may arrive late before their second period class or leave the last block when the study falls first or last.  To be eligible for release, students must submit a signed parent note approving the dismissals to the office at the start of Quarter 4.  If a student is staying after school and remains in the building, he or she should report to study for the day.  

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