World Languages

It is the belief of the World Language Department that, in order to function effectively in a global society, all students should be able to communicate in a language other than English. Students are instructed using the Proficiency Model.  The focus is less on what students know about the language (memorized grammer rules, conjucation tables, etc.) and more on what students can do with that knowledge, from a functional, communicative perspective.

Students in the World Language Program at the High School will graduate with a solid mastery of a World Language which will enrich the rest of their life both personally and professionally.  At the conclusion of AP level courses students will have reached Advanced Low on the Proficiency Scale.  To realize this end, the department offers a curriculum designed to fit the needs of each student from sixth grade through twelfth grade. A focus on three modes of communication (interpretive, interpersonal and presentational) are at the forefront of all lesson planning and unit planning.

With the recommendation of World Language teachers and school counselors, students may select from the following programs in French, Latin, Mandarin and Spanish at the High School: Advanced Placement, honors (beginning in second year), and college preparatory. All graduates of Scituate High School must have successfully completed at least two years of the same language.

The World Language Department has two principal goals:

  1. To develop in students the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening a language other than English to the extent where they can perform at least basic tasks in a native situation.
  2. To develop in each student an appreciation of and sensitivity to the cultures of the people who speak this language.

Kathryn Ciulla, World Languages Department Chairperson
781-545-8759 x21009

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