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Asst. Principals
Assistant Principals - Karen Hughes and Bill Luette 

We welcome all our students to the Scituate High School Sailor Community, our home away from home. As a team, we believe in the importance of building relationships with students, staff, and our families  in order to create a school culture which supports: safety, inclusiveness, and diversity. We have many hopes for this academic year, although challenging, we believe it will be filled with enthusiasm, student engagement, and kindness and empathy to one another and oneself.  

With all the new norms in school and remote, we want to remind all students of the expectations for success this school year, the most important being to build relationships with your teachers and staff at SHS. These relationships are the cornerstone of all we do as educators, and enable us to be a community of learners and part of the SHS family. Whether it is through google meet online, or in person, we value the work our students are doing to connect with their teachers throughout the school year. 

Part of our expectations are for students to continue to follow their schedules while at home and log into google classrooms to link in to their classes. By now all students have received emails from their teachers to Connect 10, and their teachers will be taking attendance throughout the weeks to come. As always, if there is an issue and students have difficulty logging in, we expect them to email their teachers to ensure they are caught up and not missing out on valuable class time. Online learning may feel different, but the basic concept remains the same, being present online is just as important as being present in school. While learning from home, we hope that every student is able to find a space that is conducive to learning and free from distractions. 

Students online are expected to follow the same behavioral guidelines as if they were sitting in the classroom, therefore, being dressed for success and following proper online etiquette is an important expectation for all SHS students. 

As a reminder to all students these are the Remote Classroom Expectations:

As we progress through the year, it seems appropriate to remind all of us that remote school sessions are still school time and all handbook and attendance requirements apply. 

Students should be one to a screen, ready to learn during online sessions. 

Here are the expectations for when you are online for class: 

  • Attendance in all live remote Google Meetings is mandatory; attendance is being taken and reported to administration for every period. CAMERAS ON PLEASE!
  • Be on time for class and stay for the entire class period.
  • Try to create a learning space where you will be free from distractions (put away your cell phone, turn off the television etc. during class).
  • Have class materials ready and nearby before class begins.
  • Dress appropriately - no pajamas, no hoods; school dress code applies (see Handbook).
  • Your icon should be school appropriate & represent you. We recommend a headshot picture.
  • Your screen names must be your first and last name.
  • Mute your microphone unless you are talking.
  • Indicate that you want to speak by raising your hand, using the chat, or the NOD extension (when available).
  • The chat will be used for class related discussion only, as allowed by your teacher
  • If you are having technical issues, contact your teacher via email or Google Classroom to explain the circumstances. 

All of the following cases will result in you being marked absent: 

  • You never sign in to the Google Meet 
  • You are signed in to the Google Meet but fail to actively participate in class
  • You are signed in to the Google Meet but leave the session or the computer for a significant portion of class or shut your camera off as soon as attendance is taken

We look forward to a successful school year and please feel free to reach out to either of us with any questions or concerns you may have, we are here for you all! #homeawayfromhome #sameteamsamegoals #sailorstrong

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